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Every exhibit and trade show booth is as unique as the business it represents and it should have lighting to match. With our wide selection of lighting products designed for the exhibit and display industries, Light Craft Manufacturing, Inc. is happy to offer solutions to meet all of your lighting needs. Choose from a variety of bulb, mounting and fixture options to create custom lighting with our team of dedicated lighting design professionals.

Through our variety of LED, fluorescent and halogen light bulbs, you can find custom display case lighting and with banner stand or freestanding light fixtures, you can maneuver lighting to showcase products in the best light possible. We are happy to work with each client in creating a tailored solution for their lighting needs, whether it is to display artwork, products or services in exhibits or trade shows.

For more information of how Light Craft Manufacturing Inc’s products are used to help with your display and exhibit lighting needs , please review our portfolio and call our team of lighting design professionals right away.