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3 Best Practices for Trade Show Booth Design

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Capturing the attention of the right attendees is an issue that businesses constantly grapple with when they design a trade show booth. The following is a guideline to help your business reach the intended audience while prompting them to complete a sale. Some elements of a successful trade show booth design include the following:

  1. Focus on Visuals

Your trade show booth must be visually interesting in order to compel attendees to stop and learn more. You have only a few seconds to capture their attention as people pass by so your trade show booth must be attractive and stimulate their curiosity. The skillful use of graphics, along with the right lighting, draws your audience in without overwhelming them.

  1. Provide Instant Recognition

Whether your company is a small startup that is trying to increase brand awareness or your brand is already well known, you want trade show attendees to instantly recognize what you do. Remember that you only have a few seconds to compel those people passing by to stop and learn more information. If the purpose of your business or its trade show booth is ambiguous, it's not likely that attendees will take the time to learn more.

  1. Keep Your Options Open

Make sure that your trade show booth focuses on an open and inviting design. Try to avoid obstacles and partitions that could create a physical or psychological barrier between those who are in attendance and what your business has to offer. If you must use a table, consider high end designed counters or kiosks.

And remember, no one wants to enter a darkened area to see your products or discuss your services. Instead use lighting to illuminate your space, and aim for a trade show booth design that is open to create an inviting presence.

Light Craft Manufacturing provides lighting solutions that turn your trade show booth from ho-hum to inspired. Show-stopping displays highlighted by the right use of lighting help businesses secure the attention of their audience.

A family-owned and operated company whose Ohio based plant manufactures many of our products, Light Craft Manufacturing has more than 30 years of experience in the trade show industry. Contact us today and discover how we can help make your trade show booth compelling and interesting.

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