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3 Important Ways LED Lighting Makes Your Trade Show Exhibit Sustainable


 As you consider the best lighting for your trade show exhibits, focus on sustainability. Yes, this refers to the popular concept of going green with sustainable exhibits. However, you should also prioritize being financially sustainable as a way to create more overall sustainability in your business. Which kind of lighting offers the most sustainability? LED lighting, and here’s how.

 Eco-Conscious Exhibit Lighting

 An LED bulb generates a tenth of the heat of halogen bulbs. As halogen bulbs are generating far more heat, this is a greater strain on the indoor HVAC system. Along with costing more to power halogen bulbs, you also use more electricity to maintain the same indoor temperature.

 By changing to LED bulbs you go from consuming an average of 90 watts to just eight watts. This is a huge decrease in energy use, which is why environmentally sustainable trade show venues will use LED lighting exclusively.

 Another interesting fact to point out is that LED light bulbs have a lifespan of about 55,000 hours. Compare that to the much shorter life span of about 1,00 hours with halogen lights. Think about how much more waste is going into the landfills when event and exhibit managers choose halogen light bulbs.

 Finally, halogen lighting gives off minimal UV emissions, while LED lighting gives off zero emissions. If you are concerned with providing an environmentally friendly exhibit, LED leaves you with the cleanest exhibit air. Cut out any possible air pollution by choosing LED lighting for your trade show exhibits.

 Financial Sustainability

 The cost of LED bulbs is initially much more in comparison to halogen bulbs. However, you are buying fewer bulbs over the course of a trade show season. In addition, you are generating far less heat and consuming less energy with LED bulbs over the course of a single trade show season.

 There are potential saving for the energy purchased to use at trade shows, in addition to paying for the energy to light up your exhibits during practices and trial runs. As a result, you want to choose the least expensive lighting for energy purposes, which is LED. This will help you reduce your utility expenses, putting more money back into your operating budget.

 Longevity of Your Business

 Changing to LED lighting in place of shorter lasting halogen bulbs in one way that lighting can also help you increase your return on your investment. Reduce the amount of labor spent on repurchasing and replacing LED lighting for your trade show exhibit. Instead, you can use that labor for designing and showcasing high-quality exhibits.

 As a result, you are able to provide your exhibit visitors with the experience they come to expect from your brand. This helps to cement customer loyalty to your brand. You can see increased growth over the long term – all by changing the type of lighting to the more affordable, economical, and sustainable choice.

 Find LED Lighting for Trade Shows

 Get started with LED lighting for your trade show exhibits today. Established in 1987, Light Craft Manufacturing, Inc. is a leading lighting provider dedicated to the trade show and exhibit industry. As a long-lasting family owned business, we help our customers find their own success with competitive prices and speedy turnaround times.

 Light Craft Manufacturing is focused on helping event managers and trade show exhibit planners excel. Our product line includes LED lighting, halogen lighting, and fluorescent lighting, as well as track lighting and lighting accessories. We sell USA-made lighting products we make right here in Ohio.

 Contact Light Craft Manufacturing to find the perfect LED lighting to help reach your sustainability goals.

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