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Custom Lighting, It's What We Do


Our specialty for the past 32 years has been Custom making lighting and accessories for the trade show and exhibit industry. When you can't find quite what you need anywhere else, let us make it for you.

Customers have told me that we're sort of known for our many, many mounting bracket options. We make a mount to attach to virtually any display application, and if it's not one we already have we're always ready to develop a new way to mount your lights to whatever you need them to attach to. We do the fabrication for these interesting one of a kind projects in house. Over the years we've made literally hundreds of Custom mounting clips, hooks, clamps, and clasps for all types of tradeshow displays.

Here is one we did recently for a customer whose stem lights needed to attach to a piece of extrusion  that was oriented in an unusual way. They sent us a small piece of their extrusion and we designed this Custom mount which held tight and was easy to use.

It doesn't stop at mounting brackets though. Really that is just the beginning. We're really great at taking our stock/standard lighting components and modifying them to fit your specific lighting needs. Our best selling LED stem light model SL-3000 and SL-3500 are built here in Fremont, OH so we love to work with you to give them some individual flare. From unique build configurations to special color finishes we're all about making your lighting unique for your one of a kind display presentation.

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