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How to Show Off with Lighting in Your 2017 Trade Shows

How to Show Off with Lighting in Your 2017 Trade Shows 

At trade shows you have limited space to sell your concept. To maximize your minimal square footage show booth, use lighting. The right lighting will make the mood and create the atmosphere that sets you apart from the competitors. It serves as a backdrop to your booth while elevating the experience for your visitors. If you want to sparkle and shine for trade shows in 2017 here are some takeaways on improving your lighting situation.

Going Green with LED

If your company follows an eco-friendly mantra everything you do must follow suit. Otherwise you appear untrustworthy to your green customers. This includes how you present yourself at trade shows. By choosing LED lighting for your booth you present your company in the right light, literally.

LED is fabulously eco-friendly, and while only consuming an energy efficient low level of power it produces a high level of light to welcome visitors. If you simply want to be an environmentally conscious presenter opt for long lasting, durable, and energy efficient LED lighting options. Speaking of durable, if you are planning to present at a host of trade shows in 2017 you want a lighting source that will travel with you. LEDs are the best solution for durability when in transit.

Minimalism for Miles

A minimalist style carries through with cool lighting and a solid white backdrop. Companies tend to use minimalism to create a sleeker image, think Apple. Minimalist design is also part and parcel for a contemporarily inspired business. In order to relay this modern design choice you don’t need much. In fact, lighting serves as the greatest asset to your space.

Bring light from within the booth with backlighting for your signage. Consider using a light box for a smaller display space. Lights with a true white output are quintessential minimalism, so use whenever possible for the best effect.

Setting a Space Within a Space

The biggest hurdle for any business in a trade show is creating that suspension of disbelief. Your trade show booth must tell a story, albeit a short and compact story. It must also sell the story of your company, and this starts with setting the stage. When visitors enter your booth the space must evoke the feeling that accompanies your company’s purpose.

Lighting makes that magic happen, just as it does when you attend a concert or theatrical performance. In your booth use lighting to create illusions. You can do this through a clever combination of task lighting, ambient lighting, and accent lighting sources.

Trade Show Lighting with Light Craft Manufacturing

If you are ready to bring light to your trade show booth choose the lighting experts. Here at Light Craft Manufacturing we handle everything from LED stem lights to halogen recessed lights, to backlighting, and endless custom fabrication. We provide your company with a comprehensive source to save you time and effort on lighting up your trade booths. Check out our custom display lighting for trade shows and exhibits. We work with you to create optimal lighting solutions for your business's presentation needs. Contact Light Craft Manufacturing in Fremont, Ohio to discover how your business can benefit from better lighting.

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