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Is Backlighting the Right Choice for Your Next Display


It’s one of the hottest lighting trends in trade show designs today, but not exactly a new concept. Backlighting is an old artist trick practiced in the 1700’s. Artists would show their paintings by candlelight to enhance the highlighting effects. Modern day backlighting, done often with LED lights, recreates that same glowing effect that artists like Joseph Wright of Derby relied on to make a painting extraordinary.

In the tradeshow environment, a backlit display creates dazzling aesthetics that draw in the audience. It’s a forward thinking exhibit strategy that is both eco-friendly and effective. Consider some reasons backlighting is right for your next display.

It’s an Attention Grabber

Trade shows are often chaotic but tend to be redundant with one booth looking pretty much like all the rest. No matter what the layout, design concept or topic, they are few things that grab the attention of a passerby quite like brilliant light coming from inside your booth.

Something as simple you adding backlighting to your signage or a display graphic will boost the impact of the message and grab their attention. In a sea of similar looking displays strategically applied backlighting stands out. Let the backlighting draw them in and give you the opportunity to engage with your prospective clients.

It Makes Your Graphics Speak

Graphics create balance in your trade show display, and backlighting gives them a voice. White LED backlights will brighten the image, so vivid colors pop. Balanced, well-placed backlighting will increase the value of your tension fabric displays by fine-tuning the focus – almost lifting the graphic from the surface to create a truly enhanced visual experience.

It’s Cost-Effective Trade Show Lighting

Modern LED backlights mean lower costs and better portability. They are lightweight and easy to reposition, so there is less set up time and fewer transportation hassles. You pay less to create better lighting solutions all while modernizing the style of your booth.

Backlit trade show displays are the eco-friendly choice, too. You create marketing displays that you can use again and again whether it’s a graphic screen that encases your booth or a pop-up marketing sign made better with a backlight.

It’s not enough just to light it up anymore – sleek and modern displays must be stunningly visible to be memorable. Whether you are looking to create a modular display or an eye-catching pop-up, backlighting is a unique and elegant solution. Find out more about how you can put backlights to work at your next trade show by visiting Light Craft Manufacturing.

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