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Modern Uses for Track Lighting for Exhibits and Trade Shows


As you look forward into the new year with your exhibit booth plans, keep your sights bright on track lighting. Start by looking at how the Scandinavian design trend continues to change the way we feel about track lighting. Follow up with a track lighting trend that adds a layer of luxe to your exhibit without costing a fortune. Then apply these modern uses to your trade show exhibits for a stronger ambiance.

 Scandinavian Hygge Lighting

If you are looking for modern lighting uses, get comfortable with the Scandinavian concept of hygge. In a nutshell, hygge means coziness. A space that if hygge also creates an easy, airy feeling that is quintessential Scandi style. Whether you want to make your exhibit more modern and comfy for attendees, or you are focused on the Scandinavian minimalism wave, here is how hygge and track lighting come together.

As a rule of thumb, all overhead lighting is to be avoided in a hygee space. Yet you also want to minimize any lighting you have and use it only to create ambiance. Warm-white LED track lighting is much preferred over bright or glaring bulbs. You can also look into dimmers to soften the lighting source even further for the ultimate in hygee vibes.

 Metallic Track Lighting

One of the lighting trends in 2019 is the metallic look. Carrying over the industrial modern vibe from 2018, this type of lighting features chrome, copper, gold or brass fixtures. For track lighting, these track heads can easily be updated. The metallic look has long been associated with luxury and expense.

By adding these modern accents to your exhibit lighting sources, you automatically elevate your space. To continue with the minimalist or Scandinavian styles, combine wood accents with metal lighting track heads for a visual balance.

 Updated Lighting Configurations

A benefit of using track lighting is that you can easily create new lighting configurations. Say you arrive at a trade show venue and your booth size or shape has been changed unexpectedly. Track lighting lets you change the setup for an entire exhibit space in a flash. This is thanks to the lighting system that features multiple lighting heads that operate independently.

Track lighting also allows you to quickly change the lighting setup for any exhibit. Rather than dealing with preprogrammed computer code that generates light sequences, you can make the manual changes yourself. This makes it simple to handle last-minute set design changes without adding stress to your plate.

 Added Bonuses of Track Lighting

How many times have you simply needed more light focused on an area of your exhibit? Chances are, more times than you can count. Here is where track lighting truly shines. Having multiple, minimized lighting sources available allows you to access some luminance without detracting from the rest of your exhibit experience.

If you are ready to put track lighting to good use for your trade show exhibits in 2019, get started today with Light Craft Manufacturing. Located in Freemont, Ohio, we are a family owned business established in 1987. We develop trade shows and exhibit lighting that includes eco-friendly solutions for the professional sector.

Contact us today to learn more about purchasing track lighting, track heads, or track accessories.

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