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The Psychology of Light: What Does Your Lighting Say About Your Brand?


Did you know that light can be used for much more than a simple visual effect? From its intensity, to contrast, to perception and shape, light can deliver a psychological and emotional impact that can inspire us to subconsciously make decisions. According to The Experience of Nature: A Psychological Perspective study, light can be used to help us adapt to the unknown, which is why it is so crucial to building business spaces, creating tradeshow booths, and inevitably helping people feel at home in public areas.

Understanding The 3 Main Qualities of Light

The three main qualities of light are brightness, saturation, and hue. As its name suggests, brightness is identified as the amount of light that any given light source produces. From a psychological perspective, brighter lights have been shown to intensify emotions, while lower lights can be used to create an “emotional steadiness.” Saturation refers to the intensity of a given color. In fact, when it comes to lighting the more saturated hues tend to have an amplifying impact on emotions. Hue refers to the specific shade of light. Recent studies show that natural light can invoke feelings of happiness.

With these three qualities in mind, the actual color of the light can greatly impact a person’s experience. Take for example, a tradeshow booth. Marketers and graphic designers typically focus on the booth’s actual space. Are the brand colors prominently shown? Are the graphics compelling? Does the layout of the booth encourage participants to enter and engage with the company’s representatives? Answering these questions is vital to the success of the booth; however, it is equally important to remember that the booth’s lighting will also impact its success.

Understanding the three main qualities of light can help you to develop a welcoming tradeshow booth. Additionally, you must remember that the direction of light can effectively transform a space. As a general rule of thumb, lights that are positioned above the eye level will create a more formal atmosphere. Lights that are positioned below eye level can provide a feeling of importance. Spot lights are a great way to draw the eye into a space, which is why you see them at so many museums and art galleries. The spot light encourages a passerby to stop, analyze, and engage. Through the right combination of lighting, coupled with the appropriate directional cues, you can increase foot traffic to your booth, while simultaneously encouraging positive emotional responses.

Put Your Brand In A Positive Light

Whether it is in a gallery space or at a tradeshow, the right lighting choices can help your brand achieve a positive first impression, coupled with the appropriate emotional response. Light Craft Manufacturing, Inc. is proud to offer a wide variety of lighting solutions that can be customized to meet your unique needs. From spot lights that can draw a passerby’s eye to a specific entity on your showing floor, to soft recessed lighting that can promote positive emotions, Light Craft is here to help you choose the perfect style of lighting. To learn more, contact us today.

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