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Top LED Trends in Trade Show Exhibit Booths for Summer 2018


As the summer weather rolls around, you will be changing up your wardrobe, switching to iced coffee, and indulging in ice cream to keep cool. You always update your lifestyle with the change of the seasons. Shouldn't you be doing the same with your trade show exhibit booths? This summer give your displays a much needed makeover with LED lighting at the forefront. There are some super cool lighting technologies moving to the center stage at trade shows around the globe.

Projection Mapping

Take a look at projection mapping, which uses LED lights to create three-dimensional displays. The way this works is by projecting an image onto a surface using LED lighting. You can use this technique to display logos, 3D images, and text on any surface including fabric, glass, brick, and carpet. It is great for changing images or text from display to display, or even within a single trade show exhibit.

Instead of printing signs or having lights prefabricated, you have the freedom to edit your design as you need to for each show. This is a fantastic way to attract attention at summer time trade shows where attendees might be repeats from previous events. Plus, you save money on having to get new displays constructed for every exhibit you do.

Kinetic Lighting

With kinetic lighting, your trade show booth can look like a miniature Summer Olympics. This kind of lighting design takes LED lights and turns them into brilliant pixels. Just as we’ve seen at some of the recent Olympic Games opening ceremonies use LED, these LED pixels can create anything from abstract art to moving animals running through the air. This technique involves LEDs that are connected to motors along with a truss system.

For the greatest impact within an exhibit, kinetic lighting is the way to go. Keep in mind the cost of this technology is still on the upper end since it’s relatively new. Yet if you are interested in being the first on the scene to create visual intrigue using kinetic lighting, then this summer is the time to run with this idea.


Display Boxes

The concept of LED display boxes combines traditional staging windows with modernized technology. Take the idea of a shadow box used to present a small-scale image or a product. Now replace the screening window of the shadow box with an LED touchscreen. Inside the shadow box, you will continue to display replicas, products, or miniature stagings. However, exhibit goers are able to touch the screen of the display box and receive additional content.

For example, the content might include a flip-through brochure or a business logo that moves when tapped. You could also insert a video clip that sets the stage for the display. Add LED lighting to the top of the shadow box for a premium quality visual experience. This is an eye-catching experience that is sure to gain attention at your next trade show exhibition. By blending old school and modern day technologies for display boxes, exhibit goers already have an idea of what these display boxes are for. The use of the LED touchscreen elevates that experience to the 21st century.

Find Trade Show Exhibit Lighting

LED lighting for trade shows has come a long way and has plenty of light-life left in it. If you are ready to upgrade your existing LED lighting for exhibit booths, let us assist you.

Light Craft Manufacturing, Inc. has been designing premium and reliable lighting for trade show exhibit booths since 1987. Contact us today to request more information about lighting solutions for your needs.

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