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Trade Show and Exhibit Lighting Trends That Make Waves in 2019


When companies plan their trade show and exhibit spaces, most of their energy seems focused on positioning their products to capture the most attention. The graphics they plan to use also take up a great deal of their time and budget. Making their exhibit and trade show space interactive and welcoming via touch screens and inviting seating, respectively, are also ideas that get a lot of buzz.

Lighting: The Other Important Element

While the above trade show and exhibit components are vital in designing an attention-grabbing and sales-converting space, it’s the lighting that’s chosen that really makes such ground-breaking elements stand out. A bold and innovative product won’t generate much excitement if it’s shrouded in shadows. Bright and bold graphics won’t highlight what a company has to offer if they are overpowered by the lighting from other exhibits. The bottom line is without the right lighting, the message a company wants to deliver will be lost, the message not received by the audience and money wasted without utilizing the right lighting for trade shows and exhibits in 2019.


Few elements bring a lifelike quality to displays and exhibit components than backlighting. Customized backlighting that matches the theme and tone of an exhibit provides one of the most stunning spaces in a trade show.

Internal Lighting

Breathe new life into ordinary modular frame walls by using internal lighting. By doing so, flat walls that look one dimensional will instantly gain vibrancy and purpose.

Combine Shadows and Lighting

By combining shadows with lighting, the eyes of attendees are drawn to focus on certain key elements of a trade show or exhibit. Using shadows and light to showcase a new product or concept is crucial during busy events where a company might only have seconds to capture attention.

Custom Shapes

One trend that helps companies stand out from their competition is to develop custom shapes with lighting. One way to do so is by incorporating a company’s logo shape with the use of creative lighting.

Incorporate Movement with Lighting

Few things capture the eye than movement. When lighting is used to fuel movement, the possibilities for creating an attention-grabbing exhibit are nearly endless.

Light Craft Manufacturing is a leading provider of lighting solutions for trade shows and exhibits. For businesses who want to make 2019 their best year yet, partnering with a proven leader is key. Contact us today to learn how we can help!

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