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Using Dramatic Light Design to Up Your Trade Show Game


Humans are drawn to light, which is a great factor to take advantage of when trying up your trade show game. Here’s how you can use dramatic light design to improve results at your next expo or trade how.

  • Highlight, don’t blind. Instead of using a lot of floodlights or strobes to draw attention to your display in a way that annoys or distracts trade show attendees from your overarching marketing messages, consider going with lighter, softer option that provide plenty of indirect light, making your booth a pleasant place to hang out and chat.
  • Brighten, don’t cook. For years, halogen lights were the way to go when it came to heating up your booth’s performance. Unfortunately, halogens can be hot and can literally heat up your booth, making it uncomfortable for some situations. Cool, energy-efficient LEDs have come a long way since their inception and can take the place of halogens in many situations, including booth lighting retrofit projects. However, which one works best will depend on your exact situation.
  • Keep it comfortable. Who like staring at bright lights when they have tired eyes? After a long day spent at a trade show, your prospects don’t want to drift towards a booth that has too much going on or is uncomfortable to hang out in. Add shades and diffusers to direct light to keep from blinding your prospects, stay away from extreme lighting designs and consider whether you’d be comfortable hanging out here after a long, hard day.
  • Make it adaptable. Some trade show halls are lit up like the Fourth of July, while others are more cave-like and dim in their approach to lighting. Make sure that whatever lighting design you decide to go with, it can be bright enough in well-lit halls to show off your design without being blinding in darker environments. Consider adding secondary lighting strips that can be controlled independently from in-exhibit light switches. This also applies to booth space and layout.
  • Is it packable? Having the best lighting design in the world doesn’t mean a thing if you can’t get it from point A to point B without breakage or a long, drawn-out setup process. Parts that can be quickly broken down make the process much easier, and being able to pack the entire exhibit in a small shipping space will help you save on shipping costs. Don’t forget about the weight; light silk can diffuse light as well as heavy frosted acrylic.

Though adding light to your expo booth greatly increases your results, knowing how to implement intelligent light design in your booth is half the battle. Fortunately, you don’t need an advanced degree in psychology or electrical engineering to get the job done! At Light Craft Manufacturing, we’ve helped improve countless trade show booths by adding dynamic light design that makes sense for the booth, the company and the environment. Please feel free to contact us today to get help in taking your trade show booth to the next level.

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