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Ways To Attract More People To Your Trade Show Event


Every trade show you attend is an investment, so boosting your traffic ensures that you get enough leads and eventual sales to make the show worth attending. You can boost the number of visitors you receive in a variety of ways, and some techniques need to be planned well in advance. From optimizing your booth with lighting to planning visits in advance, here’s how to ensure your booth has a steady stream of traffic at your next show.

Start Promoting Before You Arrive

You likely already have some contacts and prospects attending the show; reach out via email, a marketing campaign or with social media to set up appointments or invite these users to stop by. You’ll be able to set up interactions in advance and ensure you don’t miss anyone. If you have a traveling sales team, use the show to handle client meetings – you’ll save on travel if your salesforce can meet everyone they need to right at the show.

Engage in a Variety of Ways

You need to do more than just set up and wait for people to stroll by. Run a contest, have engaging entertainment or a fun tech toy and engage with visitors. Even simple games or a fun demo can make people stop and watch.

Join a Panel

You’ll position your brand as an expert in your field when you take to the stage to give a presentation or join a panel. When the attendees see you in action, they are more likely to make note of your brand and more likely to stop by and pay you a visit. This is an ideal and free way to make an impression and boost traffic.

Optimize with Lighting

The right lighting can make or break your booth. No one wants to visit a dark space or poorly lit booth; your products won’t look right and the entire effect just says, “we don’t care enough to get this right”. Proper lighting showcases your pieces like artwork in a museum and draws visitors to your booth. It illustrates your professionalism and attention to detail. A properly lit booth space shows your potential clients that you know what you are doing on the show floor and that you can be an asset to them too.

Offer Amazing Promos

The right promotional pieces can draw a lot of traffic to your booth. Giving away useful, trendy and desirable items with your logo brings in plenty of traffic. A recent trade show in Orlando featured two booths giving away fidget spinners as promo pieces and there was actually a wait to get into the booths.

Bring the Right Team

Bring along your best sales reps and the most outgoing employees you have, even if they are not in sales. You’ll need friendly, outgoing and professional people staffing your booth to make visitors feel welcome and forge a connection with show attendees.

Get Social

The more involved you are with show activities and the events that take place off the floor, the better. You’ll be able to make connections and invite visitors to stop by your booth and chat or even pick up a nice free gift. This will enhance your traffic and keep the visitors flowing into your booth all day. You should get social in other ways - -use the show hashtag to talk about the event on social media, livestream and even share snaps and Instagram shots of the event in real time. This can encourage other savvy social media users to visit your booth and connect.

You can use a variety of techniques to drive traffic, but if your booth is not properly lit or doesn’t showcase your materials and products the right way, you won’t make the impression you need to. Contact us to learn more about optimizing your trade show booth with expert lighting. You won’t believe the difference the right lighting can make and people will notice and respond to your booth in a positive way when they can see all you have to offer.

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