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Where to Begin with Specialty Lighting


At Light Craft Manufacturing, our team of lighting professionals offers expertise in lighting for the trade show and exhibit industry. Since 1987 we have provided both stock options and custom lighting designs. All of our lighting design and lighting fabrication is completed right here in the U.S. in our Ohio manufacturing plant. This allows our team to maintain the greatest control over your lighting products from inception to implementation. We truly understand what it takes to create the best trade show lighting. Learn more about what to expect when working with specialty lighting experts here at Light Craft Manufacturing in Fremont, Ohio.

Choosing Your Design

The first step in specialty lighting is a consultation with our lighting experts. We work with existing designs and also provide in-house customization for lighting depending on what our clients need. This also allows our crew to pull from both stock solutions and tailor-made options. Whether you have a light bulb of an idea for your  design, or you want to look through our portfolio for inspiration, we are here to assist you.

Picking the Right Lighting

In the trade show exhibit industry, we provide LED stem lighting, LED recessed lighting, LED track lighting, and fluorescent and LED back lighting. These are all eco-friendly lighting solutions for green exhibits and businesses. When you consult with our lighting team, we work with your budget, design, exhibit space, and expectations to choose the right specialty lighting.

Installing Lighting for Trade Shows

In addition, as trade show veterans we understand the specifications set on you by vendor spaces and exhibit booth limits. Along with helping you choose the right lighting style, color scheme, and type of display lighting, we focus on the end product. We ensure you are capable of installing and operating your lighting solutions.

After all, perfect lighting setup and design are only as effective if it is in full operation. We feature lightweight, easy to implement systems that ensure you are capable of handling your quality lighting for your exhibits. Our systems come with the mechanical and hardware requirements that you need to complete your specialty lighting setup at your exhibit space. This ensures you have the tools needed to carry out your lighting goals.

Working on a Trade Show Timeline

One of the biggest constraints that most specialty lighting customers have is time. Typically when you receive information about a trade show exhibit that you want to build a display for, you may have anywhere from one year to one weekend to set everything up. This includes more than just lighting, which is often the last part of the design process that exhibitors consider.

Have a lighting partner on call and ready to work with you for ongoing exhibit and trade show lighting projects. This way you are already thinking about lighting throughout your design process. Your lighting provider will also have a framework to work with in terms of understanding what types of lighting you already have and utilize.

This streamlines the design process and saves you money on purchasing duplicate systems, setups, and lighting fixtures. As an added bonus, your exhibits come out looking better as your lighting team has the capacity to provide a more consistent design.

Choosing a Lighting Team Today

Now that you understand the process of working with a specialty lighting team, it is time to contact the experts. Contact Light Craft Manufacturing today to schedule a consultation with one of our lighting experts. We are ready to begin the process of helping your hone your lighting design goals and expectations.

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