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Which Lighting Design Option Works Best For Your Situation?


When you're trying to develop your trade show booth design, you're not alone if you're stumped by lighting design options. Many businesses run into issues when trying to lay out the lighting design and decide on which options to use. Because the best lighting choice light might vary from design to design, determining exactly what you want for your booth can be a difficult decision at best. Here's a quick look at some of the biggest decisions you'll have to make with regards to lighting design for your booth.

Direct (front lighting) or Indirect (back lighting)?

Direct front lighting works exceptionally well when you need to showcase a product or specific imagery in your booth. It focuses the attention on a specific area of your booth, drawing viewers to those particular aspects of your design. However, it isn't necessarily the best choice in all situations. It can sometimes be too direct, and can create a glare on the wrong kind of materials.

When you need more subtle lighting that illuminates your booth on a whole without creating a specific point of focus, indirect back lighting can work very well. It can be diffused through translucent materials, such as fabric or plastic materials, infusing your booth with a gentle glow. But if it's overused, it can actually detract from your booth, so we recommend a careful mix of both types of lighting for many applications.

Track or Recessed?

Track lighting provides you with a range of options and the ability to adapt your display as you go. To change your booth, it just takes a little adjustment in the location and aim of the lights to shine them where you want them to go. Track lighting is versatile allowing you to create unique spans with light fixtures situated exactly where you need them.

By comparison, recessed lighting is typically enclosed in the display itself. It is adjustable in the way that the light pivots to angle where you want it to shine, but isn't as adaptable to change as track lighting is. Since it is generally enclosed excessive heat can be an issue but using LED recessed lights takes that concern away entirely since they produce very little heat.

Color Temperature

There have been extensive studies made with regards to light temperature and psychology. Generally speaking, warm light creates a sense of intimacy, a great option to consider if you'd like to have people spend more time in your booth visiting and providing you with information. If, on the other hand, you want to leave people energized about your brand, product or service, cooler lighting helps create that level of energy.

There are a wide range of light temperature options between these two extremes for your booth. These can include using colored light to make your booth stand out from the crowd, shifting tones to create a sense of movement and similar techniques to help you get the best out of your booth's light design.

By having an idea of what your lighting options are for your booth while you're going through the design process, you can have an idea of what each option will do for or take away from your booth. However, there are a range of other issues that may come into play for your design. For that reason, we recommend getting an expert opinion to ensure that your booth delivers every bit of performance you want from it. If you're ready to take the next step in your booth design, please contact us today to get started.


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