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Why Lighting Matters at a Trade Show


Why Lighting Matters at a Trade Show

The whole reason you are going to trade shows in the first place is to attract attention and build your brand; lighting helps you accomplish these key goals and ensures you get the most from your investment. Light can be used to your benefit in several ways:

  • To attract visitors
  • To highlight your product or displays
  • To provide functional lighting for movement and interaction

Looking at the different ways a successful trade show booth utilizes lighting provides a better understanding of what the lights you choose can and should do for your brand.

3 Ways to Use Lighting at Trade Shows

You won't notice good lighting -- just it's effects; when a booth is properly lit, you'll notice the product, the brand and the people, not the actual lights themselves.

Attracting Attention

You don’t need to have a crazy light show to attract attention, but the LED lights, uplighting, tape lights and other effects used can attract attention on a busy show floor and ensure that your booth is not overlooked. Casting light onto your banners and signs makes sure they are actually seen and that visitors naturally gravitate towards you.

Once people are headed in your direction, lights also help you make a great impression. A small booth can look elegant and well thought out, and add emphasis to your featured products of displays, or it can look dark and dingy; lighting makes the difference. While some visitors will walk into a dark, poorly lit cave of a display, many will bypass you if they don’t get a good first impression of what you have to offer.

Highlight your Products

You know your products better than anyone – so you already know how your pieces look best. Strategic placement of your lighting allows you to show off every piece and ensures that your samples look their best. Think of the last time you visited an art gallery or museum; each piece is carefully lit from above or below to best capture the look and feel of the item. Taking this approach not only shows off your products to the best possible advantage, it shows just how important and valuable those items are.

One big light overhead just won’t work; some items will get totally lost in the shadows, while others will look faded or flat; individual lighting ensures that each component you’ve so carefully chosen shines. Light from above, below, or even from the sides to capture the best look for each piece and ensure that you make the best possible impression.

Functional and Task Lighting

You’re not just there to set up a display, you’re there to network and connect with your prospects. Functional lighting allows your team to share literature, share promotional pieces and even sign contracts with ease. Any flat work space you’ve created needs adequate lighting to be truly functional for your sales and marketing team to perform their best.

Ideally, your trade show booth will attract visitors like moths to a flame, and allow them to focus on your brand and offerings once they arrive. The right lighting will help captivate viewers, show off your products and samples to their best possible advantage and allow you to trade information and even close the deal in a distraction free, comfortable setting. Choosing the right lights for the job is a critical part of booth design; at Light Craft Manufacturing, we’re lighting experts. Contact us to talk about your trade show needs and goals and to put the power of lighting to work for your brand.


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