Our Work

Custom lighting is our specialty!

We continue to excel at custom making the very best lights for one of a kind exhibits. This is a really cool version of our model SL-3500. It is a bright LED light with a wide flood. Our customer needed to attach lights to a ceiling grid made of aluminum extrusion. They needed the lights to shine down to the floor and at the display walls below. The lights are made to daisy-chain so that one plugs into another and another, for ease of cord management.


We can do the work for you!
As a full service machine shop we have the parts and know-how to assist in the manufacturing of your product. Put our 30 years of experience to work for you. From sheet metal work to electrical wiring and in-house powder coating, we can make what you need.

This is an example of a special wiring harness we make for a customer who has a lighting product of their own. They needed someone to custom fabricate the yoke that holds their light fixture, and to create an unobtrusive Y-cable to feed the wires into the track adapter which supplies power to their light. We cut and bend the yoke to their specs, powder coat it in a special finish that matches their product, and do all of the wiring shown below.

What can we do for you?


Custom lighting is our specialty!
We're really good at taking our stock/standard components and giving them a twist. Below are just a few examples of how even our best selling model SL-3000 can be Custom made with cool features not everyone can match.

This customer needed a bright LED light to attach to a sign and shine up onto a logo on another hanging sign above. The material they were attaching the light to was red, so they wanted the clamp mounting bracket to be red too to blend in.


We've made SL-3000 for a table top application several time before. This time the customer wanted a bronze powder coat finish.

 We made this with 2-stem lights on a single mounting bracket for a double-sided display.

These SL-3000 have been made to "daisy-chain." Plug one light directly into the next, and so on. Link multiple lights together on the same display. 6-lights or more!
True daisy-chaining is a great way to manage cords.


Great displays demand great lighting.
Here are a few examples of how our lighting has helped make these great displays a little bit better.

Exhibit by: 3D Marketing Associates | Atlanta, GA
For: Royal Building Products
Lighting: 12V LED stem lighting models SL-515 and JL-815.
               Also freestanding LED model model SL-511-1.



Exhibit by: Pascale Engineering | Sarasota, FL
For: Sun Microsystems
Lighting: 12V recessed lighting model SL-688.

We are happy to discuss your lighting needs with you, so let’s start creating your custom trade show lighting solution right away.