• NEW and Improved!!! LED edge lighting for tension fabric graphics and SEG light boxes.
  • The most effective tool for lighting double-side or enclosed SEG lightboxes and tension fabric displays.
  • 24-volt, 9-watts with 830 lumens of Neutral-white (4500K) LED light. 5 x 15° Narrow Spot.
  • 14” x 1” x 0.625” with 3” wire leads at each end for easy linking and continuous coverage.
  • Link up to 8-light fixtures together before connecting to power-supply.
  • Use on at least two opposite sides (top/bottom, left/right) of your structure. Space lights equal distance apart for the most even light coverage.
  • Mounting to metal surface is suggested for best heat dispersal.
  • NOTE: Power SL-301 with 24-volt DC Power-Supplies E5324-3, E5324-6, and E53150 SOLD SEPARATELY.
  • NOTE: Mounting hardware for extrusion T-slots SOLD SEPARATELY.
  • NOTE: Other mounting hardware SOLD SEPARATELY.
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