• Great for around edges, under counters, or any place where you want to add accent lighting.
  • LED Tapes are 12-volt, 2.25-watts (145 lm) per foot, 0.375” wide and come in various lengths, all with adhesive backing.
  • Standard lengths can be cut down in 4” increments. Custom lengths are available. Call to discuss.
  • Available in Neutral-white, Warm-white, and RGB.
  • SL-FLEX 2: 24” long.
  • SL-FLEX 4: 48” long.
  • SL-FLEX 6: 72” long.
  • SL-FLEX 8: 96” long.
  • SL-FLEX10: 120” long.
  • UL listed.
  • NOTE: Power-Supplies and Accessories SOLD SEPARATELY.
  • Power SL-FLEX with 12V Power-Supplies E5304 and E5308. Use E5304 for LED Tapes up to 10’ long, E5308 for LED Tape sections up to 20’ long.
  • NOTE: RGB LED Tape lighting Requires E5344 RGB controller SOLD SEPARATELY.
  • NOTE: White LED Tapes Require power end feed model E5301 to connect Tape to the Power-supply
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