• RGB High Output flexible LED Tape Lighting. Great for around edges, under counters, or any place where you want to add colorful accent lighting.
  • RGB LED Tape Lighting enables you to create virtually any color output, as well as many other features. Color options and other features are all controlled by the RGB controller. See E5344 SOLD SEPARATELY.
  • SL-FLEX-HO-RGB LED Tapes are 12-volt, 4.5-watts (290 lm) per foot, 0.375” wide and come in various lengths, all with adhesive backing.
  • Standard lengths can be cut down in 2” increments. Custom lengths are available. Call to discuss.
  • SL-FLEX 2-HO-RGB: 24” long.
  • SL-FLEX 4-HO-RGB: 48” long.
  • SL-FLEX 6-HO-RGB: 72” long.
  • SL-FLEX 8-HO-RGB: 96” long.
  • SL-FLEX 10-HO-RGB: 120” long.
  • NOTE: Power-Supplies and Accessories SOLD SEPARATELY.
  • Power SL-FLEX-HO-RGB with 12V Power-Supplies E5304, E5308, and E5309. Use E5304 for LED Tapes up to 5’ long, E5308 for LED Tapes up to 10' long, and E5309 for LED Tape sections up to 20’ long.
  • NOTE: RGB LED Tape lighting Requires E5344 RGB controller SOLD SEPARATELY.
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